France: Padlock on a mosque prayed by jihadists

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The beginning of the process that aims to get a padlock on mosque located in Alon, western France, the French authorities announced, emphasizing that it welcomes members of the radical Islamic movement.

“According to the information gathered, the prayers and the activity of this place of worship, which attracts people who belong to or are close to the radical Islamic movement, legitimize the recourse to the armed jihad“death, martyrdom, the commission of terrorist acts and the use of violence, hatred and discrimination, as well as sharia,” the Sart prefectural authority said in a statement, according to the Athens News Agency.

There are children in front of whom the praise of the armed jihad is woven

The mosque is run by two Muslim associations and houses about 300 worshipers in the city of Alon, with a population of 11,000, as well as a Koranic school, where, according to the announcement, is a place for brainwashing “.

These elements can be characterized as statements or activities “inciting violence, hatred and discrimination, inciting or justifying terrorist acts“Prohibited by law, the statement said.

“Based on this information, at the request of the Minister of the Interior, the Prefect of Chart began a process to close this place of worship,” the statement said.

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