Shared 3.0, Stella McCartney’s capsule collection that looks to the future

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Stella McCartney look to the future. That of fashion, increasingly sustainable and vegan, and that of the next generation of creatives. It’s just three of them – Ed Curtis, Maisie Broome (Myfawnwy) e Tom Tosseyn – that Stella, inspired by the letter «Y is for Youth» of the McCartney A to Z Manifesto, has entrusted the task of telling the values ​​and aesthetics of the brand through the language of the new generation.

An experiment that resulted in the creation of Shared 3.0, a special capsule collection, where neutral shades meet explosions of color, the classic mixes in a deliberately eccentric way with the more contemporary reinterpretation of iconic prints.

A tale with an eco-friendly soul, narrated by the playful use of vegan Fur free Fur declined in shades of green and purple, Econyl-inspired regenerated nylon duvets nineties, organic cotton, regenerated and traced cashmere.

The collection is a journey steeped in different suggestions, visions and aesthetics. The Londoner Ed Curtis has reinterpreted Stella’s logo with the use of freehand spray bringing her optical prints on down jackets and oversized trousers. The positivity of smiling faces declined on flowers and suns comes from Myfawnwy, artist and designer based in Queens, New York City, who bears his signature on t-shirts, boxers, sweaters. Tom Tosseyn, of Antwerp, with the slogan Restore balance, has revisited the Stella logo, entrusting the letter S with values ​​linked to the theme of sustainability.

«For my McCartney A to Z Manifesto, I shared my platform with new generation creatives who have interpreted our values ​​through their visions. Stella Shared 3, today, continues this spirit of collaboration today, mixing the decidedly Stella garments with the prints created by the incredible talents of tomorrow, expanding and sharing our respective skills, resources and communities »said Stella McCartney.

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