France sends armored vehicles to Ukraine

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France will send “large quantities” of armored personnel carriers and armored combat vehicles to Ukraine, announced the Minister of Defense Sebastian Lecornu in an interview that was made public last Monday night.

“In order to move quickly in areas under enemy fire, (Ukrainian) soldiers need armored vehicles,” she said in an interview with the Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France newspaper, which was downloaded in electronic version Monday.

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Paris will “deliver, in large quantities, vehicles (…) of this type, VAB” (s.s. Véhicules de l’avant blindés, armored personnel carriers), which “have armaments”, he explained.

Mr Lekornou also confirmed the deployment of six more CAESAr long-range cannons to Ukraine, in addition to the 12 already deployed to counter the Russian invasion. These 155mm systems, adapted for trucks, have a range of up to forty kilometers, depending on the ammunition. They can hit from six to eight times per minute.

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However, he did not specify the date for the delivery of the additional artillery systems, which was promised by French President Emanuel Macron on June 16, when he visited Kyiv.

Regarding the delivery of surface-to-air missiles, which the Ukrainian government is seeking to break “the naval blockade imposed by Russia by depriving many countries of supplies of grain and raw materials”, the minister limited himself to saying that it is “among the dossiers are being considered “, avoiding giving further details.

Since the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Paris has delivered to Kyiv, in addition to CAESAr cannons, Milan anti-tank missiles and Mistral anti-aircraft missiles. In mid-April, the then French Minister of Defense, Florence Parley, estimated that the military equipment that Paris had supplied to Kyiv by then was worth more than one hundred million euros.


Source: Capital

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