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France: The perpetrator of the knife attack in Annecy was remanded in custody – He did not reveal his motives

The Syrian refugee who stabbed six people, including four small childrenin a park in Comfort was remanded in custody and charged with, among other things, “attempted murder,” local prosecutor Lynn Bonet-Mathis announced today.

THE Abdulmasih H. “he did not want to talk”, both during his 48-hour police detention and in front of the two investigators who are in charge of the investigation, the prosecutor emphasized in a press conference she granted.

“At this time it is premature to assess his motives,” she said prosecutoragain pointing out that there is still no indication that terrorism was the motive of the attacker.

Four very young children, aged 22 to 36 months, were injured in the attack.

The injured are no longer in critical condition, said Lynn Bonet-Matis, adding that the four children remain in hospital.

Source: News Beast

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