France: Turkey will raise ‘questions about its conduct’ if it continues to veto Sweden-Finland

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“If Turkey persists in vetoing Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO, ‘questions will be raised about its conduct’ as a member of the Atlantic Alliance,” French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said in an interview published today. Journal du Dimanche.

The French minister noted that “Finland and Sweden” made a historic choice “and that” having both in NATO would be a plus for security in Europe “, stressing that” they have made efforts in their discussion with the Turkey “and that” is up to Turkey to make its choices in the face of its responsibilities. Does it want to strengthen the Alliance or is it against it? ”

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Asked if the opposition in the French political scene to the joining of Jean-Luc Melanson and Marin Le Pen to NATO complicates the issue of Sweden and Finland’s accession, Kolona said that “the opening period is also a period of clarification”. that “if the candidacies of Finland and Sweden are accepted, which we hope, then parliamentary ratification will be required” and that “it would be appropriate for everyone to make a choice for the history, for the security of our Euro-Atlantic area and therefore for protection of the French. ”

The French Foreign Minister also sees a period of clarification of positions for the French parties, referring to the European policy of France, saying that the opposition parties should respond “if they want a stronger Europe that allows us to strengthen our sovereignty, as we achieved during the French EU presidency, or if they reject it “.

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This is true, he said, on many issues, such as whether they want to increase the number of women on the boards of European companies or whether they are in favor of establishing a decent minimum wage in all EU countries.

Finally, when asked if she would like the Deputy Minister Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, who is under her ministry, to leave it in order to be able to defend herself against the allegations of “rape” referring to extremely painful gynecological examinations in which she previously submitted patients to her , Kolona said that the Greek-French deputy minister is handling her files effectively and that no comment can be made on the substance of the case since it is in the hands of justice. He also said that the presumption of innocence applies to everyone, but also that, as Prime Minister Bourne said, it is important that everything be heard freely.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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