Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci dream of a child together (in foster care or in adoption)

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The wedding of Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci was the romantic event of the summer of 2022. And now, a few months later, the first rumors are arriving about the possibility of expanding the family. The rumor comes from the pages of the weekly Today which previews the news that the two newly weds they would like a child soon, for adoption or foster care.
Their wedding in a civil ceremony took place on 2 July (two years after the first public kiss), right on the day of Pride in Naples to which the singer then sent a message: «I wanted to be there with you but I had another commitment that held me back. I know you have shared our happiness. See you next year in Naples for Pride and there will be two of us».

They said yes with an intimate and all-white ceremony at Castello di Velona, ​​on the hills of Montalcino in the Val d’Orcia, a refined boutique resort set in a 10th-century manor house. The mayor of Montalcino Silvio Franceschelli declared her wife and wife.

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The ex-girlfriend (now 37) of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and the singer (58) live – again according to the magazine – in a farmhouse in Tuscany, surrounded by 18 small dogs, shuttling between a seaside villa in Lazio.

Their desire, however, finds numerous obstacles because thereItalian legislation does not allow either of the two options to a homosexual couple. However, this does not prevent one of the partners from adopting the biological child that the other obtained through heterologous fertilization (abroad).

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Neither of the two interested parties commented on social media. Francesca Pascale has only posted rainbow stories, but no personal references, while Paola Turci is currently engaged in the theatrical show I will love myself the same which will end on 7 January 2023 in Pesaro.

A few days ago too Tiziano Ferro spoke about the theme with the newspaper the Republic: «In Italy on gay adoptions everything must change. We are behind regardless of what the political roles may be. No government has ever done anything important, except that small feeble step towards what has become civil unions. It was a bit of a bait and switch: we make you happy but then we don’t talk about making you have a family, never mind that you can both have children, that it can be called marriage ».

The Latina singer now lives in Los Angeles with her American husband Victor Allen: the two are parents of a boy and a girl, born of gestation for others.

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