Francesco Menegatti: “My mother, Carla Fracci, died with looks of love”

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“She went out with looks full of love.” Francesco Menegatti, son of Carla Fracci, he told the last moments of his mother, who passed away on Thursday. “He resisted with tenacity, pride, and an uncommon dignity. Qualities that have always accompanied her, even in life », he explained to Corriere della Sera, speaking of a rapid worsening of the clinical picture. «She has turned away. Yes, it flew “, he said, telling not of” Words, but looks full of deep love for me, for my dad Beppe, for the historical collaborator Luisa Graziadei, for my wife Dina and for her grandchildren, Giovanni and Ariele».

Despite, therefore, the sudden deterioration of her vital conditions, Carla Fracci left with serenity, surrounded by the affection of a discreet family. “She left us with the belief that she did good, I think she was proud to have made us serious people with solid principles. A recommendation that my mother repeated, and it is significant of her character, was to remain faithful to the simpler aspects of life. He proudly remembered his childhood spent governing geese in the Cremonese countryside. She never got her head, despite the limelight, “he said again, while his father, Beppe Menegatti, in an interview with Republic he gave voice to the immensity of his pain. «I would like to say many things, because it is a life together, from 1953 to today that we knew each other, we have done many things, a wonderful son who is here with me and the grandchildren from Rome will soon arrive, but it is too sad. Too much”.

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