Discovering Italy (and the world) with Human Safari alias Nicolò Balini

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If by scrolling on social media trying to turn yet another home afternoon of the lockdown dreaming of all the trips you would have made once it had reopened everything you came across a long-haired man who seems to have traveled the world doing the most absurd experiences, well you already know him. For all the others Nicolò Balini alias Human Safari is the travel guide you would have liked to have, the one who will give you the tips to organize your next holidays in a different and unforgettable way.

It could only be one of the four faces of #tiraccontolitalia, the Tik Tok project that aims to promote the national territory region by region in a fresh and fun way. With Diletta Secco, Martina Socrates e Giovanni Arena, stage after stage for the whole summer Human Safari will accompany us to discover an unprecedented Italy.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve done for this project?
Scroll through the iPhone gallery to review all the trips I’ve made in Italy! I shot it far and wide – first all in the car, then on a vespa and then in an apecar – and I know it very well, yet working on this project I discovered incredible places that I had never heard of.

Like a place in Tuscany where you sleep in an American camper!

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Of course you can always find absurd things!
It’s just that I like to travel all the time so in order not to always do the same things I have to come up with creative things and do strange things. For example, I have been to Japan 16 times so the last time I went to a small island with local fishermen and I also managed to get admitted to the place where they then go to wash at the end of the day, despite the tattoos.

But how did you start traveling?
First I studied tourism unlike most travel creators, so then I put what I studied into practice. I also earned my attitude during that period because I also worked as an animator for the course of study and therefore this thing made me bring out the right attitude that is needed to travel creatively, to talk to people. and discover unexpected things. Not everyone has it, in fact, that’s why Si Vola, my tour operator, went very well also during this year, because we managed to transform even apparently trivial destinations into crazy trips.

@humansafaritranquilli sono negativo 😷♬ “Vacation” by Dirty Heads – Nagma Mirajkar 💜

How do you think social media has changed the way people travel?
They have upset it, because through social media people now interface with each other to clarify their ideas on where to go and what to do. I first of all if I am undecided I look at the reviews of the places. There are tons of accounts to get ideas from, and then you have the chance to compare because there are tons of sources, there isn’t a single voice.

Have you ever discovered places you didn’t know by shaking on Tok Tok?
In reality my algorithm offers me all comic stuff that has nothing to do with travel, but thanks to the reports of followers in the comments or private messages I discovered a lot of incredible places. For example, for this project I was in a hut in Friuli with a room made in the shape of a gigantic egg, all made of wood, a place that the followers suggested to me.

The most instagrammable thing you’ve ever encountered on your travels?
The Northern Lights seen from the window of the plane while I was returning from Hawaii and flying over Canada: I woke up for no reason, the whole plane was asleep, only I saw it.

And during the #tiraccontolitalia tour?
The way of the gods from Bologna to Florence to do on foot is always wonderful. And then there is a guy in Abruzzo who is rebuilding the county of The Lord of the Rings, a crazy place, in fact I want to help him find the funds.

The journey that a person who has never traveled alone should take to start?
The Camino from Santiago, which everyone thinks is very heavy, however, is mega feasible as a story in my book. For me it is important to always tell cool things that are doable for everyone.

Next trip planned?
Albania and then a solo ride around Europe.

What you will never forget?
In addition to the Way, the trip I made in India in 2013: the first long trip alone in a place not very touristy and the first of my adult life, which made me realize that this would be my path

What do you still dream of doing?
All those trips that I postponed before Covid arrived. Never postpone, go!

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