Freckles on the face are in trend, all the techniques to make them

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The freckles appear on the face with the first rays of the sun. They have an anti-aging effect because they give the face a fresher look. A look that many women want 12 months a year and for this they resort to microblading to recreate the freckles between cheeks and nose and also benefit from the carefree mood they convey.

“I started freckling my clients almost ten years ago,” she says Sonia Di Meo, specialized in microblading and permanent make-up in Milan. Her specialization immediately leads us to ask her what is the exact difference between these techniques, which are often confused.

«When we talk about permanent or semi-permanent make-up we mean a retouching performed with pigments for aesthetic use and which therefore does not last a lifetime like a classic tattoo. While to differentiate microblading and dermopigmentation is the tool that is used: in the first case the microblade is used which is a manual tool that allows you to draw as if you were holding an old fountain pen, in the second case you use the dermograph that it is a machine to perform tattoos, obviously with aesthetic pigments ».

«Drawing freckles with microblading is not a technique that you learn, but it is an artistic gesture», explains Sonia who has made freckles her professional habit. “Freckles are irregular, asymmetrical and to create them you need to be able to evaluate the face of the person in front of you, also studying their facial expressions”. Freckles are beautiful because they are reminiscent of holidays and the sun on the skin: “Many ladies over 40 ask me for them precisely because they have an anti-aging effect on the face, give freshness and distract attention from dark spots”.

Who they are suitable for. «They are perfect on those who have a tanned face or have an olive complexion, as well as for those who, on the contrary, have very fair skin».

They look natural. Just as with the eyebrow microblading it is possible to reproduce the same optical effect of the hair, even the freckles if well done look natural. «First I draw the freckles that are more nuanced and then I add the dots. They usually occur under the eyes, on the cheeks, on the forehead or on the lip. I do not recommend them on the nose, because it is a point on the face where the pigment does not take well ”, explains Sonia. «The secret to a good result is the right balance». They last for about a year and then the skin returns to its natural look. “But usually, who has tried them, always comes back!”

The soft alternative to microblading is makeup, as model Sara Sampaio did recently, who posted a photo on Instagram with freckles made more visible by makeup. A simple and effective trick used several times also on the fashion catwalks during the last seasons. Just think of the Jason Wu spring-summer 2021 fashion show or Missoni, going back to autumn-winter 2018-19.

To make them, the skin is first prepared by applying the base and then the cheeks are warmed with bronzer and blush. At this point a brush is dipped in a liquid lipstick, the nuance is chosen according to the tone of the complexion, and freckles are drawn on the nose and cheeks, giving the face a holiday effect.

The second technique involves using an eyebrow gel product to be applied with a mascara brush. For a natural result, remember to tap the whole face with your fingers in order to blend the dots with the skin. Finally, a dusting of powder or a setting spray to fix.

While the #skipositivity movement motivates you to show yourself naturally on social media, also focusing on freckles, for those who do not have them, especially in a period when the skin has little sun, there are Instagram filters that come in handy. . One of them is “Freckles” who draws freckles on the nose and cheeks. Compared to many others that flatten the skin and shrink the nose contributing to social dysmorphia, the freckles filter is all in all innocent fun for one look. forever young.

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