Freddy Energy, activewear that follows the body’s energy flows

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Practicing yoga, pilates and any physical activity that connects body and mind will have even more benefits. For the first time, in fact, a technology is able to stimulate Prana – from Sanskrit Prāa indicating energy, the vital breath that flows inside us -, and a feeling of balance and lightness even in daily movements.

This innovation that combines the tangible with the intangible is called Freddy Energy, a project realized thanks to the support of Carlo Intiso, a well-known Prana professional.

According to traditional oriental medicine, the human body is crossed by energy meridians, where Prana flows. Its conservation derives from the correct performance of all the psychological, emotional and physiological functions necessary for the harmonious maintenance of balance, which represents the dimension of wellbeing.

The patent developed by Freddy allows to maximize the synergy between inner harmony and movement. Freddy Energy technology provides the positioning of some aluminum hemispheres along the line of certain meridians of the body to activate a specific energy map that stimulates the perception of balance, lightness and well-being, which it can vary from person to person.


For the spring-summer 2021, Freddy created a total look, composed of shoes, bra, trousers and wrist band designed to facilitate physical activity and reach the ideal dimension of wellbeing. The garments are enhanced by the aluminum hemispheres, which they do not feel in contact with the skin.

The shoes they are so light and without any kind of constriction that, once worn, it seems to be still barefoot. The new Freddy Energy Shoes, available in four color variants, fuchsia, yellow, gray and black, they give the foot positive sensations including greater balance, postural alignment and stability.

The Freddy Energy Bra, with medium support, has been implemented with the positioning of the aluminum hemispheres in the back to stimulate the perception of greater fluidity and balance in every movement of the arms and neck.

freddy energy
Freddy Energy

Movement is like a flow, in which breath and body are in tune thanks to leggings Freddy Energy that help stimulate beneficial sensations for the legs, such as greater dynamism and less heaviness. The model is the iconic Superfit, designed in two lengths – corsair and 7/8 – and proposed in black in both heavy jersey and D.I.W.O.® (Dry In, Wet Out), the fabric made by Freddy that allows maximum skin transpiration facilitating the evaporation of sweat.

For Spring – Summer 2021, the model is added Superfit total white with doubled fabric required above all by the Yoga world, and the WR.UP model® SPORT in D.I.W.O.® PRO, a special patented fabric characterized by a low specific weight, high drying speed, bacteria-static and eco-sustainability.

While the wrist band Freddy Energy, facilitates a feeling of lightness and harmony in daily movements.

The protagonist of the campaign launch video is Alessia Maurelli, captain of the national rhythmic gymnastics team. Fluid and light, Alessia wears the Freddy Energy collection. Through a visual metaphor, energy lights up, guides and amplifies its movements, a climax of lightness and harmony. #TheEnergyInside

Alessia Maurelli, captain of the national rhythmic gymnastics team.

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