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Free museums on the first Sunday of the month

Free museums on the first Sunday of the month

With the easing of anti-covid restrictions, one of the most awaited events by travelers and art lovers also returns: dal April 3, every first Sunday of the month, the state cultural sites, museums and archaeological parks will be open to the public with free admission.

An initiative that has been going on since 2014, thanks to the minister Dario Franceschini, already then at the head of the Department for Cultural Heritage and Activities which, with a decree, decided to grant free tickets one day a month to promote knowledge of our cultural heritage. An idea that has received over the years increasingly encouraging consents.

Where to go

The participating museums are hundreds. For example, a Rome you can visit for free the civic museums, the archaeological area of ​​the Circus Maximus, the Imperial Forums as well as the Mausoleum of Augustus. The Capitoline Museums are also open where you can visit, among other things, The legacy of Caesar and the conquest of time which tells the story of Rome from its origins to the dawn of the imperial age, theAra Pacis with the exhibition Alberto Biasi. Dive into the rainbow and, among many in the capital, the Napoleonic Museum with its exhibition Napoleon. Last Stand, which illustrates the events of the exile, death and the subsequent process of mythologizing the French emperor. You can also enter for free Royal Palace of Casertato visit the park and / or the apartments and, staying in Campania, al Capodimonte Palace in Naples, the excavations of Pompeii and the archaeological park of Paestum. Among the many examples in Lombardy, then, the Last Supper and the Brera Art Gallery in Milan, but also the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua and the Certosa di Pavia. The complete list of participating structures is on cultura.gov.it/domenicalmuseo and it is worth consulting it also because in some cases visits are by reservation and in others, even if free of charge, you still need to register and download the ticket from the internet.

How the visits take place

The visits will take place following the new health regulations: to visit monuments, museums, galleries, parks, monumental gardens of the State the possession of the reinforced green pass or the basic one is no longer required, but the obligation to use masks.

Source: Vanity Fair



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