Fridays for future, the global climate strike is back

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It’s global climate strike again. Still on Friday. Appointments in over 70 squares for the boys of Fridays for Future from Milan to Palermo passing through Rome and Naples and hundreds in the rest of the world. Activists return to put pressure on world leaders. The organizers explain that the strikes will take place in the midst of the “health, socio-political and economic crises”, but that we must continue “to talk about the importance of fighting for every fraction of a grade and facing the climatic injustice in which we live».

The demonstrations precede the Pre-Cop of Milan, the preparatory meeting for the 26th summit on climate change in Glasgow in which he will also participate Greta Thunberg.

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The program is scheduled from 28 to 30 September Youth4Climate, three days of debates and negotiations that will involve 400 boys and girls from all over the world to present concrete proposals to the great of the Earth. To this the activists of Fridays for future add the Eco social forum, an independent summit in the city. The Student Strike and the Global March for Climate Justice are then scheduled for 1 and 2 October in Milan.

Activists demand respect for Paris Agreements to keep the global temperature rise within one and a half degrees. From the calculations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, to the current emissions rate, the amount of CO2 we can still emit to have a 2 in 3 chance of not exceeding that threshold will run out in about seven years. “It’s the last call to zero our emissions within this time frame.”

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However, it is not just a climate issue. «Socio-economic tensions such as racism, sexism, ability, social and economic disparities, are all phenomena that amplify the impacts of the climate crisis and which, conversely, will be amplified by it. I MAPA (Most Affected People and Areas, the most affected people and areas) are already experiencing the worst consequences of the climate crisis without the possibility of adaptation. This is because of the privileged elites of the global North, who have destroyed the lands of the MAPAs through colonialism, imperialism, systemic injustices and an unbridled voracity, the true cause of global warming ”.

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