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“Friend, realize” Behati Prisnloo reappears with Adam Levine after infidelities

According to information from AND! NewsBehati Prinsloo, wife of Adam Levine, decided to believe in him after he was accused of being unfaithful with the Instagram model Sumner Stroh and that the singer clarified that it was only flirty conversations, but not an act of infidelity as such.

According to an anonymous source cited by the American media, although Behati was angry and surprised to discover what was happening behind her back, the model decided to give her husband a second chance and does not want a divorce. The information could be confirmed last weekend, when both were seen very happy, enjoying the day as a couple.

In addition, the same source revealed that even though Adam’s actions are not justifiable, they do indicate that they are a wake-up call for the Maroon 5 singer to realize what he has to attend to as a husband.

There are no excuses for his inappropriate behavior, but he says it was nothing physical. He is disappointed in himself and upset that he hurt his family in this way. It is a wake-up call and it has made him realize that he has a lot of work to do.

Adam Levine admits that he flirted with another and assures that he will be held responsible

Recall that after Sumner Stroh’s remarks, two other girls joined in exposing Adam on social networks, showing screenshots of conversations they had with the singer and where we could read obscene and suggestive messages. Given this, the interpreter of Sugar He limited himself to issuing a statement on his Instagram account to clarify what Sumner reported. However, she has not made any kind of statement about the other two young women.

According to the media, the couple has been seen walking in the park with their daughters, so everything indicates that it was nothing more than a bitter pill for the former Victoria’s Secret model. This is not new for her, since at the beginning of their relationship, ten years ago, Adam was involved in rumors of infidelity, but their courtship continued until they got married, in 2014, and, later, they had two daughters. In addition, a few months ago, they gave the news that they are expecting their third child.

Source: Okchicas

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