Friendship between farmer and capybara goes viral on social networks; watch video

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They say that a dog is man’s best friend, but in the interior of the Amazon, another animal has taken over that position.

The friendship between 23-year-old farmer Agenor and Filó, a five-month-old capybara, conquered the internet after a video of the two went viral on TikTok. In the images, the boy demonstrates all his affection for the animal, which conquered the internet. There are already almost 50 million views and 90,000 comments on this post alone.

@agenor. tupinambaI love you caps♬ original sound – Agenor Tupinambá
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“Okay, now I want a pet capybara,” commented a follower.

“I love this interaction with the animals. They “adopt” us as a family member,” wrote another.

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Agenor lives on a farm in Autazes, in the interior of the Amazon. In addition to the capybara Filó, the farmer also takes care of other animals – Among them, buffalo, a parrot, a pig, a wild loon, a cormorant and a duck.

“I love his personality and love for animals, it shows what a big heart he must have,” declared a follower.

Source: CNN Brasil

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