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Friendship bracelets: this is why they cannot be missing during Taylor Swift’s Italian concerts

If you are a true Taylor Swift fan and were lucky enough to grab a ticket for one of the two Italian dates of theEras Tour, on 13 and 14 July in Milan, then you are surely struggling with choosing the best look to show off on that occasion. Whether you are looking for the perfect pair of glittery boots with red soles or a maxi t-shirt with prominent writing or a floral dress, your outfit certainly cannot miss the iconic ones friendship bracelets. The goal is to have as many as possible not only as a souvenir of the evening, but also to be able to exchange them with other fans.

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For those who missed the genesis of this trend, let’s take a step back and go back to October 2022, shortly before the release of Midnights. At the time, the swifties – a community that never stops inventing ways to pay homage to its favorite (who supports them well in this aim, almost completely breaking down the barrier that can exist between fans and artist) – thought well that it would have been a nice idea to exchange these friendship bracelets during the tour dates so as to create an even stronger bond between those present, but also between all the fans around the world who, between one step and another, could therefore find a bracelet from another fan on their wrist, but thousands of kilometers away.

Friendship bracelets are why they cannot be missing during Taylor Swift's Italian concerts
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This tradition has obviously been consolidated through social media and, in fact, scrolling through the Instagram and TikTok feed, there are thousands of videos that give ideas on how to wear them, how to combine them, what we managed to get during the concert and what were given away or, unfortunately, lost. The style of these bracelets is always different: there are those entirely made of beads, others that show the titles of the songs or of each “era” (for those new to the world of Taylor Swift, this means the periods corresponding to each album released by singer) or words taken from songs or even references within Taylor Swift’s universe.

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There are many online sites that offer multiple versions that can be purchased, but if you are a DIY enthusiast, then you absolutely have to try your hand at making some. If you don’t know where to start, even in this case, social media comes to the rescue, especially TikTok, where you will find hundreds of tutorial videos. If you want to have several on your wrist – as any worthy Swiftie would – you better get to work right away or start combing the web looking for your favorite site: the concert is getting closer and closer and you need to arrive prepared.

Friendship Bracelet Kit of 24000 Beads

800 Piece Letter Bead Kit

Friendship bracelets, 16 pieces

Source: Vanity Fair

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