From domestic worker to mistress of the house: Woman celebrates expecting her boss’s child

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We were always bored by the absurd melodramas that seemed to be fairy tales, in which the handsome and rich man fell in love with the simple domestic worker. However, for a woman from Nigeria, this script was not at all fictional, since, incredible as it may seem, this is the plot of her real life. Also, she is so happy that she decided to share her story on social media.

Through a video, the woman can be seen pretending to sing a song, while her story is told in some phrases written in the clip. She assures that life was very hard for her family and for her, because they did not have enough economic resources, which reduced her options in her life.

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woman in blue dress

The girl had to choose between two paths: either she found a partner or she looked for a decent job that would help her pay her expenses. She opted for what she considered a bad choice, since she entered a house as a domestic worker.

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In addition, he says that two months after he arrived at his new job, his employer, whom he calls Oga, began to show him a love interest. The young woman assumed that it was nothing serious, but then she was able to realize that the man was looking to have a formal relationship with her.

woman in blue dress

Now she celebrates the upcoming arrival of her baby, a product of the relationship she has with her former employer and now her partner. Unfortunately, the woman does not mention any more information, leaving us in doubt of all the details surrounding her existence.

Well, we don’t know if she is already Oga’s wife or if they will only have a child together, including the fact if she has a political family that accepts her and treats her well. Anyway, let’s hope this Nigerian girl is encouraged to show us the continuation of her life story.

Obviously, the comments for and against this situation were immediate, for now it seems that she enjoys the moment and does not worry about the future. So let’s hope that she really found that love that was able to transform her existence.

“Maria Mercedes to serve you, I take care of my family”… We are remembering the song from the old soap opera Maria mercedesWell, it’s amazing how the cleaning job world can provide multiple options. We believe that at some point in our professional life we ​​will not be afraid to try our luck on these paths. You dare?

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