From Gwyneth Paltrow to Eva Longoria: all the beauty of stars without makeup

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The mania from #nomakeup it is increasingly rampant. Accomplice, a newfound greater awareness of oneself, of one’s appearance, of one’s beauty that pushes many famous ones to show themselves in soap and water version on social media. Yes, right there, in the world par excellence of filters and virtual retouching to the sound of lights and shadows.

Among the latest we find Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress recently posted a shot that portrays her in the middle of nature, far from the most glamorous spotlights, with her hair gathered in a casual bun and her face completely removed.

In the wake of make-up free too Eva Longoria, in a relaxing version without a trace of makeup. It’s still Martina Colombari, beautiful with her clear irises in the foreground that reflect the tones of the sea behind her, and a face of soap and water.

But not only. Join the ranks Kasia Smutniak, with natural hair and face, Lady Gaga, Sara Sampaio and many others. Below all the most genuine beauty of the stars.

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