From skin detox to anti-cellulite remedies, for summer-proof face and body

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If the goal to feel good is to connect body and mind, to achieve perfect balance, body and face are also one in self-care. The sun’s rays that accelerate skin aging and the loss of hydration that makes the skin more exposed to external agents are two factors that act at 360 degrees.

To allow the skin to reveal its radiance and take on a sunkissed complexion without the help of make-up, preparation is important.

Starting with cleansing with delicate products that respect the hydrolipidic film of the skin. The ingredients to focus on are vitamin E, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. A detox operation to be completed with the intake of nutraceuticals that purify and support the skin from the inside thanks to antioxidants and collagen. “In the summer, even in the city, I do not recommend exfoliating the skin with photosensitizing glycolic acid, while a purifying mask with salicylic acid is more suitable”, says Roberta Denis Moccia, Miamo’s beauty expert, a cosmeceutical brand that is based on personalized protocols with the possibility of also performing treatments in the cabin. “While the non-photosensitizing acids such as mandelic, phytic, glacunolactone and lactobionic contained in the Renewal Peel Serum can be used, but always in the evening”.

To maximize the effectiveness of cosmeceuticals, Miamo is performed during the treatment in the cabin virtual mesotherapy, which consists of aelectroporation which increases the permeability of the skin through electrical impulses and vibrations. The lipid bilayer of the cell membrane is difficult to cross, while the electroporative action allows ionized substances to flow throughout the epidermis. The current creates a micro-massage to the muscles of the face, also giving a mechanical turgor. To complete the detox operation for the skin of the face there is the combination of three massage therapy techniques: the connective stimulation which acts on the connective tissue favoring its elasticity, the lymphatic drainage which favors the outflow of lymphatic fluids with the elimination of toxins and the energy digitostimolazone which restores the skin’s balance and tones it.

Between treatments to be done in early summer, Dr. Maurizio Benci, dermatologist vice president of Aiteb (Italian Association of Botox Aesthetic Therapy), advises “The anti-wrinkle botulinum toxin around the eyes to avoid an uneven tan due to wrinkles, and a treatment of deep hydration with hyaluronic acid. From the point of view of cosmetics, I recommend moisturizing and soothing masks to be done on a daily basis ».

The feeling of having the heavy legs it is a very frequent problem in the summer. If it is not a real pathology such as chronic venous insufficiency which must be treated under medical advice, the treatments that help eliminate swelling by draining liquids and stimulating circulation, give a feeling of lightness. CELL M6 ALLIANCE® dThe LPG to be done in the Institute, stimulates the tissues in depth and reactivates the circulation thanks to a new patented handpiece, thus relieving venous congestion and giving immediate relief.

The more effective plant active ingredients present in the cosmetic formulations are arnica, cypress and solomon’s seal which work to increase superficial circulation and strengthen the venous walls, thus reducing the feeling of heavy legs. The red seaweed that has decongestant properties, aloe vera with a moisturizing and soothing action; peppermint to stimulate microcirculation and centella asiatica with a venotonic action.

L’oxygen ozone therapy is a treatment indicated for the reduction of cellulite and localized adiposity, thanks to subcutaneous micro-injections of a balanced mixture of oxygen and ozone. The synergy of these two gases has a lipolytic and draining effect, reducing the circumferences and revitalizing the surrounding tissues.

To fight the so-called «banana roll» those unsightly horizontal rolls under the buttocks in the shape of a banana caused by an accumulation of fat, the body treatment helps Compressive Microvibration of Endosphères Therapy. It improves all the areas where there is an excess of fat cells with a tissue toning action which, thanks to the use of a handpiece, is able to stimulate a physiological restructuring of the tissues and skin remodeling.

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