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From TikTok to the music charts: cubalibre is Malerba’s new single

He shared his first songs on the platforms almost for fun. Today the TikTok star with over three million followers Giorgia Malerba, for everyone just Malerba, releases his first single with the WannaBe Records label, a new division of Wannabe Network. It’s called Cuba Libre (all lowercase, please!) and it is a musical cocktail based on summer vibes and mixed feelings, sea and magical nights. The author is Malerba herself together with «Lele» Raffaele Esposito, «2UE» Gianpiero Gentile and Davide De Blasio, with the production of Gentile and De Blasio.
The spoiler of the piece on TikTok immediately went viral with over 1.2 million views of the contents linked to the song.

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Born in 1999, from Ternifrom an early age Malerba showed a genuine passion for music and took singing lessons. Every chance she got, she took to the stage, whether it was at school plays, family celebrations or local events. Not to mention the “performances” in her parents’ camper during the holidays, where she interpreted the pieces by Riccardo Cocciante and Claudio Baglioni. Those years of training they were crucial in defining the person and artist he is becoming.

She made herself known on social media, thanks to her brother Tommaso and her pet goat Bruno. She has traveled all over the world as brand ambassador: in Iceland with Michael Kors, in Paris with Paco Rabanne, in New York with Cos, in London together with YSL Beauty, in Berlin with Tommy Hilfiger and many others. But as soon as she can, she chases the love of music, too participating in major international festivals, including Coachella and Primavera Sound.

Source: Vanity Fair

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