Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino noted the exceptional level of decentralization of Bitcoin, saying that it is this feature that makes the asset unique compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Speaking at the BTC Prague 2024 conference, Paolo Ardoino compared the first cryptocurrency to a watch that can run forever, regardless of conditions.

“Bitcoin is the only example of a decentralized cryptocurrency that is governed only by mathematics and cannot be changed. Developers of other cryptocurrencies are constantly releasing new versions of software, changing monetary policy, and offering inflationary and deflationary models.”

In addition, the CEO of Tether shared his attitude towards memecoins, emphasizing that he likes memes, but not memecoins. According to him, this asset class and Bitcoin are in opposite parts of the crypto industry, and it makes no sense to compare their potential.

Paolo Ardoino urged conference participants to closely monitor how the crypto market reacts to changes in the regulation of virtual assets in order to adjust their investment strategies.

Earlier, the Tether CEO said that the MiCA regulation regarding “unauthorized stablecoins” for clients from the European Economic Area (EEA) will complicate the issuer’s work.