From today, the digital work card starts in banks-supermarkets

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“The Digital Work Card that starts today for 121,000 workers in banks and supermarkets, in the first phase, is a revolution in the labor market. It is a reform with a strong social sign. Because it is the best guarantee for respect for working hours and overtime employee”.

This was stated today by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, who, on the occasion of the start of the application of the Card from today, July 1, in the specific business sectors, visited a supermarket store in the center of Athens, observed the operation of the Digital Card and talked with employees who used their Card for the first time in the morning, at the start of their working hours.

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It is reminded that the Digital Job Card is included in the myErgani app for mobile phones, which is available for devices with the Android and iOS operating systems. Also available to businesses is the CardScanner app which “reads” the employee’s Digital Card when entering and leaving work and transmits the start and end of work information in real time to PS Ergani. The Digital Work Card is applicable from today in all banks as well as in supermarkets with more than 250 employees.

Mr. Hatzidakis emphasized that with the Digital Work Card the employee’s arrival and departure from work will be recorded in real time, so no one will be able to steal working hours anymore and added:

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“8 hours will not be able to be declared as 4 hours. We are determined to extend this measure to the entire labor market and to large, medium and small businesses. It is a request of the GSEE, which is implemented by this government, by implementing we believe a social policy in practice. The European Commission supports this measure. It is financed by the European Union through the Recovery Fund. We are determined to go ahead with it and next year such time has been applied to other sectors, such as security companies, industry, the DEKOs as well as tourism and catering, which are sectors with higher delinquency. We are committed to moving forward in this direction. The people do not want big words, declarations and slogans, they want specific measurable work. This is the Digital Work Card and for this reason I would like to thank all my colleagues, General Secretary Anna Stratinakis, Geni Director Constantinos Agrapidas and all those who helped make this technically difficult project a reality”.

The General Secretary of Labor Relations, Anna Stratinaki, said: “A big wish for the flagship of the reforms, that the Digital Labor Card is well-traveled. Next to the workers. It is founded, perhaps, the most important weapon against delinquency, which will help the Labor Inspectorate in its work decisively. But at the same time it will also help healthy business competition. The measure was embraced.

The Ministry of Labor thanks all the businesses that are currently in the first phase of operation of the Digital Labor Card, i.e. supermarkets and banks, employers and employees.

It was probably the most difficult project that has become a reality, difficult from an operational, institutional and IT level. A big thank you to the Ministry, to all its executives, to the general director of IT, to the general director of Labor and of course I will not fail to mention the undivided support of the Ministry of Digital Governance and Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

Our Minister sat by our side all this time because it was probably one of the biggest and most difficult projects ever done and that was due to the live implementation of data relay in the ERGANI system, the most important element of this whole process.

So, just as the Prime Minister had said, already a year ago, this dream is coming true: The worker has an irresistible weapon in his hands against delinquency and the illegitimate competition that is created when there are delinquent systems in the field of the labor market “.

Source: Capital

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