G. Katrougalos: The extension of the ND’s stay in power also damages the country’s foreign policy

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“The extension of the ND’s stay in power harms the country both at the level of diplomacy and at the level of foreign policy,” said SYRIZA’s foreign department head Giorgos Katrougalos after his meeting with Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of the tactical briefing of the parliamentary parties held today by the Minister of Foreign Affairs on current foreign policy issues.

In his statement after the end of the briefing, the head of the SYRIZA Foreign Affairs department pointed out that “the attitude of “we give everything and get nothing”, this foreign policy, the personal freeze, does not benefit the country, and is an additional reason to return in the multidimensional active diplomacy that the country needs, to have elections as soon as possible”.

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According to Giorgos Katrougalos, the foreign policy of Mr. Mitsotakis has three characteristics: “First, it constitutes an overthrow of the fixed doctrines of our diplomacy, the abandonment of the multidimensional and active foreign policy and a return to the doctrine used by the Greek right during the civil war, of Greece At the same time, with a logic that is not pretentious, the logic of the faithful and given.

“The second characteristic is that it is an IX policy, which often manifests itself without the knowledge of both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. The announcement about the purchase of 6 Rafales and additional Rafales in TIF, which was ignored by the Ministry of Defense itself, is typical chief of the Air Staff, or the recent announcements about the F35.

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“The third characteristic is the emphasis on communication rather than substance, and the construction of virtual realities, such as the narrative of Turkey’s rapid isolation due to the great successes of Prime Minister Moses. The biggest refutation of this narrative came at the recent NATO Conference in Madrid, where the delinquent Turkey, which violates the rights inside the country, which violates International Law, not only with the absurd accusations against our own country, but also by having occupation troops in three countries, in Cyprus, in Syria, in Iraq. This delinquent Turkey got the full support of the West, got what it wanted from this Conference. And how was its outcome characterized? If not a success, at least positive for the prime minister, at a time when all objective observers, and those who directly participated in this Conference, such as the Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kasoulidis, described it as an unfavorable development”.

The briefing of the Minister of Foreign Affairs continued at 10:45 with the meeting with the representative of PASOK-KINAL Andreas Loverdos. Then, at 11:30 with the representative of the KKE Giorgos Marinos, at 12:00 with the representative of Hellenic Solution Antonis Mylonakis, at 12:30 with the representatives of MERA 25 Sofia Sakorafa and Dimitris Liapis, at 13:00 with the president of Standing Committee on National Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Parliament Konstantinos Giulekas and at 13:45 with the representative of ND Dimitris Kairides.


Source: Capital

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