Frontex: The EU must be ready to increase the number of migrants

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THE European Union must be prepared to face an increase in number immigrants entering the European bloc, with many people arriving from the Middle East via Belarus to be continued for a long time, said on Friday (12/11) the executive director of Frontex Fabrice Legger.

“We can see from our risk analysis model that all the factors that caused this crisis still exist and that the situation it does not change, nor does it de-escalate“He told Reuters in an interview.

As he estimated, “we must be ready to face this situation for a long period of time».

He added that although Frontex has not sent troops to the field to support the Poland amid escalating tensions on its border with Belarus, discusses the sharing of additional satellite imagery and increased aerial surveillance with the country.

It also plans to help Poland to repatriate immigrants in their countries of origin, such as Iraq.

It is reminded that the European Union Minsk complains that it encourages thousands of people fleeing war-torn parts of the world to try to cross its borders. According to Union officials, the EU can impose new sanctions against Minsk and the airlines that transport the migrants, from Monday.

Many people are still on the border between Poland and Belarus WHERE to ring a bell, earlier today, for their health, and the international community to ask for days – from Thursday and the UN Security Council – the relief of the crisis according to the rules of International Law.

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