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Funding for Ukraine was left out of the US Department of Defense budget

The House of Representatives on USA passed a bill to fund the Defense Department, taking a step toward avoiding the shutdown that remains due to the split in Congress over the budget.

However, to do this step, House Speaker Republican Kevin McCarthy withdrew funding for Ukraine bowing to the hardliners of the Republican Party. At the same time, the funding of the Ministry of Internal Security was also voted.

As pointed out in previous Newsbeast analysis, in the US, there are growing voices expressing concern and reservations about continued support for Ukraine. The US has already approved more than $100 billion in military aid, and the bill is constantly growing with new packages.

In view of the 2024 presidential election, criticism of Joe Biden’s government for the financial and political capital being spent is intensifying, with the Republican camp demanding an explanation for the money already spentbut also for planning the next moves.

Source: News Beast

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