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The Holesky test network on the Ethereum network was launched on the second attempt

On September 15, the anniversary of Ethereum’s major “Merge” update, blockchain developers were unable to launch the Holesky testnet on their first attempt due to configuration issues. On September 28, they were still able to achieve success.

According to them, everything went smoothly, and even before the final launch, the “participation rate” should reach at least 66%. Let us remind you that this is the largest test network of all launched within Ethereum.

The new Holesky network is expected to help developers test ambitious plans to scale Ethereum’s base layer, replacing the Goerli testnet that is currently in use. The new testnet will allow twice as many validators to join the network.

The Holesky testnet will be important for the upcoming Ethereum Dencun hard fork, where the proto-danksharding technical feature is set to be launched, which will reduce gas fees.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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