Furniture Store Owner Gives Homeless Puppies Comfortable Sleeping Mattresses

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Homeless dogs suffer every day for food, but also for not having a place to sleep, so a shop owner in Istanbul, Turkey, decided that it would be a very good idea to give them a place to sleep.

The furniture store Istikbal Mobile is dedicated to selling household items, including mattresses, sofas, sheets and curtains and beds, but the most beautiful thing about the place is that the owner gave some mattresses to the dogs on the street, because I did not want them to suffer.

The store owner gave them mattresses

For the past two years, every day Dr. Cem Baykal, a resident of Istanbul, has passed the same furniture store on his way to work and every time he passes, he always sees two little dogs enjoying their comfortable mattress. He was the witness who denounced the good deed of the owner of the furniture store and during an interview for The Dodo said:

The owner of this business puts a plastic-covered mattress in front of the store every day. During the winter they protect them and in the summer, they give them shade, water and food.

Puppies sleep on mattresses outside a furniture store

The mattress is placed on the sidewalk and the dogs already know where to go to rest as they deserve. As for the owner, he does not want any animal to suffer and if he has the possibility to help, he will always do it no matter how much it costs.

According to Cem, the area in which the dogs are found is characterized by being a sector of people with great purchasing power, so everyone helps them without repairing. However, no one cares to provide them with a permanent home in which they can take refuge.

Puppies sleep on mattresses outside a furniture store

We had a heavy rain in Istanbul, I greeted my friends on the way to the hospital. The store was closed but the bed was there. The sloth was still sleeping, but his friend was awake and accompanied me to the crosswalk for my safety.

Without a doubt, the simple act of giving them a bed to make them comfortable turns this man into an angel and the puppies are very grateful for this act of love. I wish there were more people like that in this world or families who could adopt them.

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