Fuselage and plane wings from the accident with Marília head to RJ this Tuesday

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The fuselage and wings of the aircraft in which the singer Marília Mendonça and four other people were arriving, this Tuesday (9), at the air base at the Tom Jobim international airport, in Rio de Janeiro.

The parts will be inspected by Seripa III, an agency linked to the Air Force Command and responsible for investigating the causes of the accident. Fervel Auto Socorro, a company contracted by PEC-Táxi Aéreo to remove and ship the parts of the plane, was responsible for the transfer between Minas Gerais and Rio. at 13 o’clock. The journey can take from seven to nine hours.

The two engines of the aircraft will be taken to another Cenipa team in Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo, next Wednesday (10).

TO CNN, the regional delegate for Caratinga, Ivan Lopes Sales, said experts had located a cable wrapped around the plane’s propeller, but it was not possible to say whether it was the same cable that was broken in the transmission tower. The last stage of the expertise took place this Monday (8) and took three hours.

The winch company began removing the parts on Saturday, but was only able to complete the service on Monday afternoon. According to Amadeu Alexandre, owner of Fervel Auto Socorro, one of the aircraft’s engines fell in an area of ​​dense forest, in a place of difficult access. The second engine was underwater.

Initially, Amadeu’s forecast was to deliver the pieces by dawn this Tuesday to the authorities, but there was a change in the delivery time due to the expertise of the Civil Police, which took about three hours.

The plane had no black box. The item is not mandatory by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) for this model of aircraft. A GPS device has been located inside the aircraft and will be able to help experts understand the path taken in the flight.

In a statement, the PEC-Air Taxi said it regrets the accident that resulted in the deaths of Marilia Mendonça, Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho, Henrique Ribeiro, and employees Geraldo Martins de Medeiros Júnior and Tarciso Pessoa Viana.

The PEC also said that the twin-engine had a valid Airworthiness Verification Certificate and all maintenance was up to date. “Our crew was extremely experienced and trained – led by Commander Medeiros with more than 33 years of aviation and co-pilot Tarciso with more than 13 years of aviation”.

The singer’s team also released a note saying that Marília Mendonça was always concerned with her safety and that of the entire team, therefore, she did not schedule any type of appointment followed on the same day, whether press requests, concerts and other types of presentations .

Reference: CNN Brasil

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