G. Chatzitheodosiou: Positive increase in citizens’ incomes, but let’s see how companies will survive

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“Today we heard from the Prime Minister the decision of the government to pay emergency benefits to 100,000 health workers, for all low-income pensioners and for 170,000 citizens with disabilities, while he also stated that in 2022 there will be two increases in the minimum wage. In all the above the chamber community is positive “, says in a statement the president of KEEE & EEA, Giannis Chatzitheodosiou.

“We support any measure aimed at increasing the income of citizens, as any such move has a beneficial effect on both society and the market,” said Mr. Hatzitheodosiou, adding: “But we have not heard anything about the struggle of the people. Especially in this period when due to the new restrictive measures the entrepreneurship is under strong pressure – a drop of 40% turnover show the first data for catering and retail – there is an absolute need to take care of the most vulnerable companies.

Business is under pressure not only from the effects of the health crisis but also from the wave of price increases, which may be described as temporary, but endangers the operation of hundreds of thousands of businesses, mainly small and medium-sized ones.

Hoping that vaccinations will finally increase so that we can stop taking risks as a society with the public health and the economy of the country, the business community is waiting for targeted measures to be taken that will strengthen the business effort for survival. Further tax cuts, the repeal of memorandum laws, the strengthening of liquidity, the solution of the problem of old debts, the direction of funds of the NSRF and the Recovery Fund to companies as well as the implementation of reforms aimed at attracting investment, should be a priority for the government if it really means supporting entrepreneurship.

“Any delay or indifference to the future of small and medium-sized businesses will dramatically change the business landscape and lead them to disaster.”


Source From: Capital

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