G. Chatzitheodosiou: We welcome the measures but further clarifications are needed and mainly immediate implementation

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“The interventions announced by the government to address the price increases in electricity prices are certainly positive. They are increasing the number of consumers who will benefit, households are more supportive and the intention to stop the excessive burden from the adjustment clause is obvious.” states in a statement the president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Giannis Chatzitheodosiou.

As he points out, “this development justifies the positions of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, which had called for a political solution to the problem since the beginning of the energy crisis. Until recently, government officials argued that there was no budget for other interventions. In the end, it seemed that there was, but no such decision had been made. .

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The main question that arises is why we had to get to this point and not have these measures taken much earlier.

We also believe that insufficient specifics and clarifications have been given about the new support grid, especially in what has to do with the government’s interventions to suspend – as it characterizes it – the adjustment clause. Why, for example, should we wait until July for this intervention to take effect? And if it’s something that will actually work for the benefit of consumers, why not talk about making the measure permanent?

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We call on the government to put more pressure on the EU to make it clear to partners that this tactic of obstruction that is pushing Europe’s smaller economies, such as Greece, to its limits cannot continue.

Regarding the taxation of the super profits of energy companies, I estimate that a significant period of time will be required for RAE’s conclusion. Until then, however, it is necessary to have intensive controls by the State to prevent any possible speculative intentions.

Finally, we remind you that the problem of households and businesses is not only energy prices but overall the increased cost of living. It is something that can be seen in the inflation that is preparing to “run” with a double-digit percentage. So there is an urgent need for targeted measures in this direction as well, and I bring back the ESA proposal to reduce VAT from 13% to 6%, on basic goods.

Society is already suffering from the wave of precision and with it – as a living part – small and medium enterprises are groaning. We consider it imperative that a holistic plan be drawn up to deal with the new crisis, so that we do not rush to correct the wrong texts after a holiday. ”

Source: Capital

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