Labor leader: The turning point in the results of the local elections in Britain

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Opposition Labor leader Kir Starmer has hailed the results of yesterday’s local elections as a turning point for his party, welcoming the gains made in London, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ruling Conservative Party lost.

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“Fantastic result, absolutely fantastic. Believe me, this is a big turning point for us from the 2019 general election,” Starmer told supporters of his party in London.

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From the first results released today, the Tory rulers appear to be losing their traditional strongholds in the London area and suffering losses elsewhere.

The Tories lost at Watsworth, their stronghold in 1978. They also lost Barnett, where they had won all the consecutive elections since 1964 with just two exceptions.

The Labor Party believes it has won – for the first time – in Westminster, the district where most government institutions are located.

The full results, which are expected to be announced later today, will be a first reflection of public opinion since 2019, when the Tories secured their largest majority in the House of Commons for more than 30 years.


Source: Capital

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