G. Economou: At the beginning of the week the recruitment of private doctors, if the needs are not met

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By Dimitris Gatsios

At the beginning of next week, the government will place the request for services by private doctors. This was stated by Mr. Oikonomou during the briefing of the journalists, pointing out, at the same time, that the government is focusing on dealing with the pandemic, in order to keep the country, the economy and the society open.

“Until the end of the week, the communication with the medical associations continues, in order to strengthen the national health system with private doctors. However, I want to clarify that, if the needs are not met, the request will be activated at the beginning of next week. of the services of private doctors for the national health system “, the government spokesman noted.

Regarding the autumn forecasts, he said: “The European Commission ‘s autumn forecasts for 2021, 2022 and 2023 for the eurozone and EU countries have just been published. For our country, the European Commission forecasts growth rates for 2021, 7, 1% which is the second highest growth rate in the eurozone, with an average of 5% and significantly increased from its summer forecasts “, stressed the government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou and stated” For 2022 the growth rate of the Greek economy is forecasted at 5.1% significantly higher than the average of 4.3% and for 2023 a growth rate of 3.6% is also forecast, also increased by the European average of 2.4% for the euro area “.

In fact, he pointed out: “At the same time, the forecasts show that our country will have the lowest inflation in the eurozone while the de-escalation of unemployment will continue. These forecasts confirm the dynamic recovery of the Greek economy, justify our reform policy, confirm once again that Greece is changing the level, with a policy that yields results and that forms a stable basis of prosperity and prosperity for all Greeks “.

On the issue of the pandemic, the government spokesman also said that “the outbreak of the pandemic concerns, as everyone observes, the entire northern hemisphere and not only Greece. In this environment of dynamic escalation of cases, our country continues to try to deal with the pandemic with the economy, education, society fully functional without having yet exhausted all the margins of reaction and defense to the coronavirus.

The basic, safest, most effective way to reduce cases and the consequences of the disease is, as all competent scientists have concluded, vaccination. Our government, guided by health safety but also by the public interest, has come up with specific strategic choices:

First of all, we have repeatedly stressed that there will be no more lockdown in the country and that those who have been vaccinated will not suffer significant restrictions again. At the same time, a number of measures are being implemented in consultation with experts, and an extensive plan to monitor compliance with the measures is under way.

At the same time, the effort to expand the vaccination coverage of the population and the acceleration of the rhythms for the third, the so-called booster dose, continues with special emphasis “, stressed Mr. Oikonomou.


Source From: Capital

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