G. Economou for an interview with Al. Tsipras: A dram of action counts more than a ton of theory

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“We are not going to follow further the daily delusion of catastrophizing and instrumentalizing the pandemic to which Mr. Tsipras is indulging,” said in a statement the Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou, in response to a radio interview with the leader.

“Our attention is exclusively focused on the increase of vaccinations, the implementation of health measures and the continuous strengthening of the NSS. At the beginning of the pandemic the ICU was 557 and today it is 1,277 and this Mr. Tsipras calls it” nothing “. tomorrow he will visit Alexandroupolis and Komotini, and possibly the hospitals in these cities, we inform him from today about the following: Alexandroupolis Hospital: 2019 8 ICU – 2021 21 ICU and 154 additional staff of medical and nursing staff. ICU – 2021 5 ICUs and an additional 95 executives of medical and nursing staff “, underlines in his statement Mr. Economou and concludes:

“In any case, and especially when we are facing crises, a dram of action counts for more than a ton of theory.”

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Source From: Capital

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