Personal data used in vaccine registration has been tampered with in ConnectSUS

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The Ministry of Health identified undue changes in the registration of the Certificate of Vaccination against Covid-19 issued by the ConnectSUS application.

The folder also said that the modification was not made by a ministry server, but by an accredited operator, who has already had his access to the system blocked.

The guidance for people who have problems with the information entered in ConectaSUS is to look for the ombudsman, through the number 136.

The ministry said it is working to restore records and block other possible operators responsible for undue changes.

After applying the dose to the citizen, the professional responsible for administering the vaccine passes this information on to another person who updates the records. Currently, at least 45 thousand professionals are qualified and can make these changes and additions to the platform.

On his Twitter account, on Tuesday (9), the microbiologist and scientific popularizer, Atila Iamarino, had already stated that his personal data had been changed, without his consent, on the SUS platform.

“I found out that my data on ConnectSUS was also hacked. They changed my name, my mother’s name and my nationality in the vaccination certificate, in an official document… Ministry of Health, how do I feel with my data in the hands of those who do this? With my son’s data there?”, asked Atila.

(Published by Wellington Ramalhoso)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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