G. Economou for SYRIZA announcement: The darkness he is trying to create becomes a boomerang for him

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“We reiterate, in response to the SYRIZA mythology, that the assurance that the Greek security services have neither purchased nor used the Predator surveillance software is absolutely valid,” government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou said in a statement. SYRIZA announcement.

He points out: “SYRIZA is deliberately distorting an already complicated publication in which allegations are made about a reflective link between companies, including companies – legal suppliers of public material. A supplier that has repeatedly of course to have made public the content of the contracts it has signed with them “.

In his statement, Mr. Economou underlines that “adaptations of this content also concern the subsequent contracts. For the same reasons that were not made public then, they can not be made public today.”

And he concludes: “But from a party where lies and hypocrisy are second nature nothing surprises us anymore. The darkness that tries to create the last days with myths and fake news and espionage scenarios, to tarnish the huge project and the international successes of the government, it becomes a boomerang for him “.

Source: AMPE


Source: Capital

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