G. Georgantas: An additional 28.5 million euros will be given to Crete for the program of young farmers

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The Minister of Rural Development and Food, George Georgantas, is in Heraklion for contacts today and is on a two-day tour in Crete. Earlier in the morning, Mr. Georgantas had a meeting with the governor Stavros Arnaoutakis and immediately afterwards accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food Costas Baginetas, the MP Maximos Seneketis with executives and producers of the livestock area who expressed their concern for the wave of accuracy.

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Mr. Georgantas announced that for the young farmers – at the level of Crete 2,600 applications have been made – their processing is progressing quickly, while in addition to the initial amounts announced, an additional 100 million will be given, about 28.5 million euros, as he said, above for Crete.

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“Seeing the great interest in this program of 490 million euros, which gives each young farmer about 35 to 40 thousand, we have decided to increase the amount by about 100 million and with a small amount that remains unabsorbed, we will have essentially new farmers from those who have applied, who will join and the proportion for the island of Crete in this new distribution is about 28 million, which means that this will be added to the 37 million that have already been given, so you understand that “A large number of farmers’ applications will be accepted,” said Mr. Geograndas.

The Minister of Rural Development and Food said in a statement that the primary sector in the country is experiencing a difficult period due to rising production costs and that the government is trying to help farmers and stockbreeders produce, “because it is very important that production remain at high levels so that there is adequacy for the entire population. ” As for the breeders, he reiterated that next week a total of 50 million will be paid as aid for the feed market in the country, while expressing his optimism for how things will develop in the near future.

“It is a very difficult period but I am very optimistic and I really believe that this difficult time will pass very quickly but there will be a profit left through it. The primary sector can be upgraded in our country, maybe the very good quality products that are produced – and Crete is known for them – to emerge as a means that will help the Greek economy as a whole “, added Mr. Georgantas.

Regarding the Corinthian raisin, the Minister of Rural Development and Food, after repeating the measures for the producers, explained that on the issue of the processing companies of the Cooperatives of Crete in relation to the stocks that have been created and have caused damage “the only way to be compensated is through coronavirus aid “. He added that “we are starting to file the dossier, because it needs the approval of the European Commission. It concerns all the processing companies and of course the processing companies that are also on the island. This is not exactly the responsibility of the Ministry of Rural Development, the previous aid given to producers It was through de minimis, that is, it concerns only producers. I was not asked about producers in Crete, I was only asked about cooperatives and we will forward this request together with all similar requests, so that there is a decision from the European Commission. it is positive to accept this request “.

Mr. Georgantas, immediately after the meeting with the producers, visited the offices of DEEP – ONNED Heraklion in view of the pre-conference of ND next Saturday. Mr. Georgantas will later visit DIEK Messara, the facilities of ELGO and greenhouses, while then he will be in Rethymno and tomorrow in Chania where he will continue his contacts.


Source: Capital

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