G. Gerapetritis: As long as it keeps the wave of accuracy, the State will stand by those in need

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The package of measures against energy precision, as well as the Prime Minister’s trip to the United States of America, were the focus of an interview with the Minister of State, George Gerapetritis, on the radio station “Athens 984”.

Starting with the topic of the day, the government announcements for the electricity bills, after reminding that a framework of first support preceded, the Minister of State underlined: “Today we are able to support all households and businesses with very measured and specific measures, the which is high cost but will not endanger the Greek economy “. While he announced in the coming days that the Energy Regulatory Authority will be able to inform about the occasional overpayments of companies in the energy sector.

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Asked about any mistakes made in the past, he said: “We have never claimed to be infallible, nor do we have the political arrogance to believe that things are always right. When we find mistakes, we have the courage to correct them”, and retrospectively. .

In the next part of the interview, he criticized the official opposition that “it does not follow the events worldwide”.

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As for the platform for the payment of retroactive aid, he estimated that it will be done towards the end of this month, at the beginning of the next at the latest. Preparations have already been made with a working group from the relevant ministries so that the platform can be used as soon as possible in an extremely consumer-friendly way.

Asked if there would be any additional provision for those who have gas, he reminded that “very important interventions” have already been made, amounting to 3.5 billion in electricity and gas, and estimated that there will be a restoration when the structural measures come wholesale and retail intervention. Then, “the market will be perfectly balanced”.

Regarding fuel subsidies, he clarified that the government is not going to “enter into a rationale for bidding, promising indiscriminate, non-quantitative things that will jeopardize fiscal stability, which we have built with great effort.” While he assured that “as long as the wave of accuracy lasts, the Greek State will stand by those in need”.

At the same time, G. Gerapetritis went one step further, after including the targeted aids announced by the government today, in the general context of tax reliefs, the increase of the minimum wage and reductions of insurance contributions.

He went on to emphasize the role of the country as an energy hub with multiple interconnections, a “very broad plan”. And, given the opportunity, he said he “has not closed the East Med chapter”, but will look at cost / benefit logic. The key to the new national energy policy is the much greater diversification of energy sources, he insisted.

Asked if Athens is concerned about the possibility of Ankara instrumentalizing the energy issue, he replied: “We are preparing for all scenarios. The Greek state has shown very quick reflexes and we have proved it in Evros, in the Aegean.” While expressing the approach that Turkey has not benefited, from its tactic of stepping on different diplomatic boats. For its part, Greece is building its own alliances, he stressed.

Finally, regarding the Prime Minister’s upcoming visit to the United States of America, he spoke of a “unique presence of a Greek Prime Minister” at the joint sitting of the two Parliaments of the country, and the agenda covers all issues, bilateral, regional and international.

“The Greek prime minister, who has won international recognition and recognition, will be representing the country in a historic forum of democracy, such as the Congress,” he said. “We look forward to working with the United States,” he said, referring to next week’s ratification of the Greek-American agreement, which “guarantees co-operation and security in the country. We are building on very solid pillars,” he concluded.

Source: Capital

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