G. Oikonomou: The enormous contemporary challenges far exceed Mr. Tsipras’ political ambitions

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“Greece, during the prime ministership of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, restored its international prestige and now plays an important role not only in the Southeast Mediterranean, but also in all the major crises and challenges facing the Eurasian space.

Greece is today a respected country, with a weighty role, a factor of stability and security in the world.

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This fact, in addition to the success of the government, is also a huge success of the country. And this is how it should be perceived by everyone, regardless of our political differences” emphasizes in a statement the government representative Yiannis Oikonomou, commenting on the interview of the official opposition leader on the OPEN television station.

He underlines that Mr. Tsipras, during his own prime ministership, undermined the prestige of Greece and on such days in 2015 he risked making it a pariah country and does not understand modern international politics and diplomacy in the slightest.

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“Because if he understood what was happening, he wouldn’t have voted against strengthening the country’s defense and deepening alliances with the US and France.

If he understood what happened and focused on the big picture, he would see that Turkey folded and did not put its absurd positions in any of the discussions at the NATO Summit.

If he looked a little further than his narrow partisan horizon, he would notice that the White House’s announcement sends a clear message to Ankara to “avoid tensions in the Aegean and return to the dialogue table,” he says.

Concluding, Mr. Economou points out: “As in the period of the pandemic, as is happening now with the energy crisis, the same is unfortunately true for our national issues: the huge modern challenges far exceed the capabilities and political cubicles of Mr. Tsipras”.


Source: Capital

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