G. Papandreou: Developments in KINAL can be decisive for the transformation of the political scene

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“To learn from the struggles of our heroes, from the voluntary sacrifice of the Cretans in Arkadi, to walk as a country guided by the values ​​that must not be forgotten and the sacrifices of our ancestors are a legacy for our course,” said the former prime minister and candidate for president of KINAL George Papandreou, who attended today the events for Arkadi in Rethymnon.

Mr. Papandreou was present at the parade for the 155 years since the voluntary sacrifice of the Cretans in the Holy Monastery of Arkadi and then participated in the eulogy and events of honor and memory at the historic Monastery. He laid a wreath at the ossuary of the fighters and heroes and as he stated to APE BPE: “I was in Arkadi to honor the history of the place and everything that the sacrifice of the Cretans teaches us. Mainly that with our struggles and principles we must walk and “We learn from those who sacrificed their lives that it is worth fighting for the principles of democracy, the principles of equality, the principles of justice.”

The principles and struggles, Mr. Papandreou said, inspire even today: “Or we are fighting to rebuild a great democratic, liberal, social justice but also sustainable faction. This is my goal, that is why I give my soul. “I think it can re-inspire the social forces for a majority of the Greek people, to break the balance of inertia, to move the country forward with great democratic and social changes and of course always with a human focus.” Developments in the field of KINAL and how they will be formed after the election of the movement’s president, as George Papandreou stated to the Athens News Agency: “Or they may be decisive developments mainly for the transformation of the current political scene, for its overthrow, but and change the course of the country so that there is finally a country of justice, transparency, democracy, digital democracy and green development. ”

Mr. Papandreou also visited Anogia where he met with the mayor Socrates Kefalogiannis, laid a wreath at the Heroes of the Fallen and a monument to the three holocausts of Anogia, while he met, talked and exchanged views on the current situation in the city. welcomed in the main square.

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