G. Papandreou: Our goal is a large and strong democratic progressive faction

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“Today we start from here, from Achaia, a new great effort. To make the democratic progressive faction big and strong. Because we can give vision, hope and perspective to the Greek people.”

This was emphasized, among others, in statements made today in Patras by the former Prime Minister and MP of Achaia of the Movement for Change, George Papandreou.

“We sympathize with the anxieties of the people, who have experienced and are experiencing multiple crises,” said the candidate for the presidency of KINAL and continued: “These crises have taught us a lot. And we know that we have new great and difficult challenges ahead. A great transition “Green change. This big change cannot be made with past perceptions and practices, it can not be done with a client state that firmly supports and burdens the people.”

“Our responsibility is great” noted George Papandreou and pointed out: “Our principles and traditions require us to guarantee a transition that beats the problems of time, problems that the Greek people know and at the same time to guarantee a transition that will give the confidence in the Greek woman and the Greek, it will face the huge inequalities, it will consolidate the social justice, it will give everyone the possibility of democratic participation and together, it will form the new vision for the Hellenism “.

In fact, as he characteristically stated, “the democratic progressive faction is the only body that can guarantee such a way out”, adding that “we will make our faction strong and dominant again, because we can do it”.

Earlier, George Papandreou had a meeting with citizens, executives and members of the Movement for Change at the offices of the Prefectural Committee of Achaia, while meetings followed with mayors of Achaia and presidents of Chambers.

At 19:00 in the evening, George Papandreou will speak at a political gathering in the Tower of Ilia.



Source From: Capital

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