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G. Plakiotakis: 27 million euros for port infrastructure and ferry connections for the Samos Regional Unit

The Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Mr. Giannis Plakiotakis visited Samos today, where he participated in a wide-ranging meeting in the Regional Unit of Samos.

“We had a very productive discussion with the Deputy Regional Governor and the Mayors of the Samos Regional Unit”, said Mr. Plakiotakis and continued: “The Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy, has – for the first time in its history – a strong development intervention in the region. Samos have secured resources for the maturation and implementation of critical and important port projects and infrastructure for Samos, Fourni, Ikaria and Thymaina, amounting to 13 million Euros “.

“In addition,” he added, “for the first time, EU funds amounting to 14 million euros per year have been committed for seven intra-island lines of the Samos regional unit. the key financial tool of our national strategy for insularity “.

“As an islander myself,” Plakiotakis concluded, “I am well aware of the peculiarities of life on an island and the enormous national and social importance of strengthening island Greece. For the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the development of the islands and “Improving the quality of life of our islanders has been, is and will continue to be a key priority.”

The meeting was attended by the MP of SW Samos, Christodoulos Stefanadis, the Deputy Regional Governor of Samos Mr. Vassilis Panourakis, the General Secretary of Aegean and Island Policy Mr. Manolis Koutoulakis, the Mayor of Eastern Samos, Georgios Samos, Georgios Dimas President of DLT Samos, Maria Kondyli – Panouraki and Sultana Andreadou, Deputy Regional Minister for Development and Product Promotion of the North Aegean.

Source From: Capital

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