G. Plakiotakis: He presented the regulations of the Ministry of Shipping that are integrated into the environmental bill

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Matters of the officers of the Coast Guard of the Hellenic Coast Guard (article 133) for the transfers abroad, i.e. to the consular port authorities, to the permanent delegation of Greece to the European Union and to international organizations, are regulated by the provisions of the Ministry of Shipping, in the environmental multi-bill, presented to the Parliament , the competent minister, Yiannis Plakiotakis.

Also, with article 134, the concession contracts in the land zone of the port are extended by their request and with the same consideration for up to two years, of companies that have either been suspended or have been characterized as affected due to the coronavirus. This measure concerns contracts concluded before March 13, 2020, i.e. before the coronavirus and the financial planning of these businesses was altered.

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In article 135, last year’s regulation for the extension of the granted spaces in the land zone of the port for the stores of health interest without additional compensation for reasons of protection against the coronavirus is reinstated.

Article 136 regulates the gap that existed until now in the absence of the possibility of granting a maritime port zone in exchange to private individuals. This is mainly done to complete the procedures for the establishment of the waterways.

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With article 137, an extension is given until 30/10/2022 for the completion of the transfers of the staff of the PPA and THA to the public sector and the OTAs which ended on 30/6/2022.

With Article 138, the application of the new system of imposing sanctions for violations of the general and special port regulations begins on 1/11, where the digitization of the relevant process also begins.

And finally, article 139 ensures the necessary transitivity and retroactivity in order for those concerned to adapt to the changes brought about by article 11 of Law 4926/2022.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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