G. Plakiotakis: Resources over 73 million for port projects and maritime transport in the Ionian

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The total interventions of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy in port infrastructure and maritime transport for the Ionian Islands region exceed 73 million euros, as announced by YNANP Mr. Giannis Plakiotakis.

The Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, after a meeting held in the Ionian Islands region in the presence of the Regional Minister Rodis Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou and local bodies, made the relevant announcements.

“The institutionalization of the integrated maritime policy and its specialization as a national strategy has already yielded results”, said Mr. Plakiotakis and continued: “We have secured very important resources for the next programming period and we are answering two very basic problems of Insularity. adequacy of quality ferry connections in conjunction with the modernization and enhancement of port infrastructure security “.

Specifically, as Mr. Plakiotakis noted, “we announced today specific funding for port infrastructure at the level of the Ionian Islands region, which for the whole, from the resources of the NSRF and the development fund, reach 9 million euros, while for the regional unit of Corfu amount to 18 million euros.At the same time, we announced the financing of specific ferry connections for the entire Ionian Islands Region, where for the next programming period and for the next seven years they reach 44 million euros. “exceeding 73 million euros for the Ionian Islands Region in the modernization of port infrastructure but also in investments in maritime transport”.


Source From: Capital

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