Zoran Zaef: Resigns from the leadership of the Social Democratic Party

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The resignation of the leadership of the ruling Social Democratic Party (SDSM) will be submitted tomorrow, Tuesday, by the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia Zoran Zaef, opening, at the same time, the process of electing a new president who will succeed him in his position Prime Minister of the country.

At the same time, Zaef is continuing negotiations with the Albanian opposition party. “Alternative“, In order for this to switch to the governing coalition that will lead to the formation new government. Otherwise, the possibility of early elections remains open, according to the APE BPE.

Zoran Zaef had a long meeting last Friday with the leader of the “Alternative” party, Afrim Gassi, and it was agreed to have a new meeting within days regarding the possibility of this small Albanian party joining the government, in order for it to regain majority in Parliament.

Zaef said after the meeting that he would submit his resignation from the SDSM leadership to his party on Tuesday, adding that the new leader must also lead the country’s new government in order to continue until 2024 the government term.

Zaef also announced that a new government could be formed by mid-December.

Also present at the Zaef-Gassi meeting on Friday was the Deputy Minister of Finance of Northern Macedonia, Dimitar Kovachevsky, something that was interpreted by the media in Skopje that the latter is “prevented” for a new leader of SDSM and the one who will receive the mandate to form a new government. Asked about this, Zaef said that these decisions will be made by party organs of SDSM.

Scenarios for strengthening the new government under SDSM with five deputies

The current opposition Albanian party “Alternative” by Afrim Gassi is expected to take part in the new government, if the relevant negotiations reach a conclusion, in place of the Albanian “BESABilal Kasami, who has said he is leaving the government.

At this stage and with the departure of “BESA”, the government of Zoran Zaef not has a majority in Parliament, as it is supported by only 59 deputies, out of the 120 that number in the entire Parliament.

The Albanian “Alternative” party, which is expected to move to the government camp, has four Members, while the government could be supported by the MP Castriot Rexhepi, who was deleted from “BESA” because on November 11 and at the last minute literally decided to abstain from the meeting of Parliament in which the motion of censure against the government was to be considered which had been submitted by the opposition and in this way had given the “kiss of life” to Zaef’s government.

In such a case the new government would be strengthened with five deputies and would have the support of 64 deputies.

These developments take place after the heavy defeat of the Social Democratic Party in the recent municipal elections in Northern Macedonia, for which Zaef took responsibility and had stated that he would resign as party leader and prime minister.

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