G. Prokopiou: The largest naval force in the world must have the forefront in shipbuilding

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By George Lampiris

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The shipowner, George Prokopiou, was mentioned from the podium of the Delphi Economic Forum, in the process of acquiring the shipyards, stigmatizing the adventure he himself suffered by investing, buying facilities, for which he was later informed that there is no access to the sea. The completion of the concession process of the shipyards is currently pending, which has been referred to the Council of State with the Prokopiou group as the highest bidder, for a price of 37.3 million euros in the first tender and 25.2 million euros in the second tender, for two different areas of the yards.

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Mr. Prokopiou referred to the importance of having adequacy in the issue of shipyards and to shield Greece from what is happening around us, because -as he said- what happened today in Ukraine, can happen tomorrow in our country. “I am close to everyone and I say the same tape and I will continue to say it. We did not take the shipyards to become warlords but to build and repair yachts and mega yachts. The possibilities and talents are there, the needs are how to protect ourselves. around “, said Mr. Prokopiou.” We must have our nails scratched and not wait for others to scratch us “.

“It’s not possible that once the cradle of shipping progress has fallen so low, due to the various circumstances that occurred during its operation. new technologies and capabilities.Young children can show their skills and not have to go abroad to buy navy steamers.My vision is to be self-sufficient.Both the government and the “The motivation is not today, but what will happen after 15 years. The largest naval force in the world must have the forefront in shipbuilding,” said Mr. Prokopiou.

Vlastos: We took an outdated way of exploitation and solved a 50 year old problem

For his part, Stefanos Vlastos, CEO of ETAD, justifying the appeals that have come to the surface for the Skaramaga shipyards, said that “unfortunately in Greece you can never provide for everything. We took an outdated way of exploitation and solved a problem “We managed to attract an international, leading Greek investor and patriot, who managed to win the tender.”

George Prokopiou noted that “the auction process was excellent and transparent. We went on our own initiative and expressed our interest and received information 8 working days ago. The property is divided into two yards and we waited to have two licenses. It is not possible to sell you a shipyard that has existed for 60 years and not have access to the sea and to ask you to go and sign “.

The ban of the SC for the concession of the seashore

We remind you that the Municipality of Haidari appealed to the Council of State and the Supreme Court decided, in the form of precautionary measures, to prohibit the Greek State from proceeding with the concession of the seashore until the discussion of the main case. The concession of the seashore for a shipyard is a necessary condition for its operation.

According to the shipowner, “200 meters from where the citizens want to go to the sea”, commenting on the appeals during the investment, “they are unloading fuel in the area where the residents have resorted, a fact that will favor them to tan better”.

“Do not sell rough but processed diamonds, as the state can find it easier than the businessman with those involved,” Mr. Prokopiou added.

“No” to the interim solution

Regarding whether there will be a positive decision of the CoE in favor of the investor, in the appeal against the exploitation of the shipyards and what he is going to do, Mr. Prokopiou stated that “Americans, French, Germans have decided to come to cooperate. We have made many friends “My persistence in all the meetings that take place with high-ranking officials on the part of the interested parties, is what they will give now in Greece and not what they will take, many or a few crumbs to make some time later”.

Source: Capital

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