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G. Tsakiris: € 4.2 billion of the ‘Human Resources Development’ program will be allocated for the training

G. Tsakiris: € 4.2 billion of the ‘Human Resources Development’ program will be allocated for the training

Part of the funds from the 4.2 billion euros of the Operational Program “Human Resources Development”, will be allocated for training. This was noted by Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Giannis Tsakiris, in a roundtable discussion on digital skills, at the Delphi Economic Forum, in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Digital Governance and Process Simplification and with the support of Microsoft.

Mr. Tsakiris stressed that the market and the academic community are required to decide together on the needs of the labor market through research, and the State will be by their side to support them through funding from NSRF programs.

The Undersecretary in a post on social media states:

“I participated in a very interesting panel within the Delphi Economic Forum, on the subject of digital literacy of human resources to strengthen the economy. As I stressed today, the speed with which technology is integrated into our daily lives, creates a dynamic The map of digital skills is constantly gaining new territory. the Community resources, but also the knowledge and experience we have to reduce the digital divide, to support society and to support the economy.

This is exactly the sector that the Community resources of the NSRF 2014-2020 managed to strengthen and support, but the increased resources of the NSRF 2021-2027 will continue.

Characteristic of course, are the projects that have already been included and support the digital transition and upgrade of the country:

* Upgrading the information systems of the Independent Public Revenue Authority Budget 8 million euros. (Oct 2021)

* Reform of the Financial System in the Central Administration and the other General Government GOV-ERP. The project concerned the reform of the financial and financial management system of the State in order to increase its efficiency. It is essentially the preparation, support and development of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information system for general government and government administration. Budget: EUR 36.1 million.

* Expansion and support of the National Telecommunications Network – Coupling II, which is the network of telecommunications and telematics services of public sector entities with a presence in 4500 points throughout the country, Budget: 32.1 million euros.

* Fiber Optic Network Upgrade for the GRNET network and the connected networks, ie all the academic and research institutions of the country, the pan-Hellenic school network, a significant number of public hospitals and other research and education institutions, Budget: 30.5 million. euro.

* Digital Infrastructure for the Service of Citizens and Businesses for the creation of technological and information mechanisms that will allow the expansion of digital service and transactions between the State, businesses and citizens. Budget: EUR 69.4 million.

* Internet services to achieve interoperability between public administration information systems related to the provision of a package of G2G Web services, in order to facilitate the transaction between G2G state entities, between G2C state-citizens and state-business (G2B) , finally increasing the services provided by the gov.gr. Budget: EUR 27.9 million.

* Upgrading the provision of open data, the data.gov.gr platform and the provision of relevant services in the public and private sector. The project aims to expand the provision of open data to citizens, businesses, academia and the research community with a view to transparency, open governance, research and business exploitation. Budget: EUR 5.5 million “.


Source: Capital



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