G. Vroutsis: Transparency and accountability that strengthen and protect volunteering

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The bill for the protection of volunteerism seeks transparency and accountability, said the parliamentary representative of ND, Giannis Vroutsis, speaking earlier in plenary.

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“There was an uncharted sea, an uncharted, fragmented framework of the organizations. They were nowhere to be found, they were scattered. Their operation was controversial. “The bill is coming today to cover”, said the parliamentary representative of ND and added: “It was a question of the transparency of the operation of the non-governmental organizations. “The goal is to bring more transparency, more attractiveness to these organizations, more control because when you are funded by the state, you have to evaluate where this money is going and have someone control you.”

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Giannis Vroutsis underlined that the provision that provides for the registration of volunteers in the electronic application ERGANI will be proved in favor of volunteering. “We will be able to classify the volunteer in a framework that is electronically unquestionable and with absolute transparency, the volunteers will be registered, I think it is in favor of volunteering, because easily tomorrow someone can access and ask for a certificate that he is a volunteer “We will also have a framework for who the volunteers really are,” said the ND parliamentary representative.

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Source From: Capital

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