Gabriel Garko is the first social photo with the new (alleged) boyfriend

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Relaxed and happy. In all likelihood, too fell in love. Gabriel Garko publishes a photo on social media with the man who, already since several weeks, gossip paints how her alleged boyfriend. The Piedmontese actor actually has re-shared in an Instagram story an image from the (private) profile of that person Matia We do not, precisely, mysterious general manager who lives in Milano.

«Relaxing home», we read in the margin of click, where the couple is seen lying on the sofa, in a nice living room. If it’s really the new companion of Garko is not known, it is certain that between the two – as evidenced by the paparazzi of a month ago signed by the magazine New one – there seems to be one discrete complicity. And just as sure is that today the 49-year-old actor she is no longer single.

“I have a recent story, but it has begun very good both from a character and an intellectual point of view “, revealed the directly interested about twenty days ago in the living room of very true. “He has 36 years old, it does not model as someone wrote and it has nothing to do with the world of entertainment. I really like it very much », he commented, without even hiding the desire he would have to become a father.

“The desire is there, I would like it very much and I think that I’d be a good dad“, he added. “I’m seriously thinking about why the current society it scares me a lot, I don’t know if I’d like it bring to the world a life that he will then have to contend with the world today and with a future that we don’t know what it will be like. By this year, however, I will I will document well on the subject and then I’ll take a decision».

Yes, because in Italy the path for him would really be very complicated: “As a single, by our law, I can not adopt. Even if I had a possible partner, it wouldn’t be me anyway allowedConcluded Garko, who did coming out last year during an episode of the GF VIP. “The only chance to have a child would be surrogacy, but that in Italy cannot be done ».

In short, there are not official confirmations if Matia is really her new boyfriend. The certainty, however, is that today Gabriel has family in mind.


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