Last chance for the undeclared squares

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By Prokopis Hatzinikolaou

The electronic gates of the platform of undeclared squares open tomorrow, through which property owners will have another opportunity to declare to the Municipalities the “forgotten” squares or to correct errors and omissions in the data of the properties.

Those who make changes to the platform by declaring their real square footage should also correct the E9, recording in the property statement the square footage corresponding to their property.

The platform will remain open until December 31, 2021 for property owners who are pending with the municipalities. Those interested should be aware that:

1. The electronic platform for the submission of overdue declarations of the real estate surfaces in the municipalities will operate at the electronic address

2. Those who submit declarations and reveal the real number of square meters of their real estate in the municipalities, as it is already declared in E9 of the Tax Office will be completely exempt from retroactive charges of municipal taxes and municipal fees, fines and surcharges (up to 200 %) for periods before 2020.

3. The submission of the declaration of undeclared square meters is accompanied by a 20% surcharge on the due fees of the period from 1 January 2020 until the day of submission of the declaration.

4. Not all owners need to declare the actual area of ​​the property to which they have rights (full ownership, small ownership or usufruct). As long as it is declared by an owner.

5. Each declaration is made per supply number for the electrified properties or per property in case it is not electrified. By selecting a property with a supply number, all the properties you have in the Municipality with the same supply number will be automatically added to the declaration.

6. Plots within the plan and within the settlement are declared on the platform of KEDE or in the municipality as they are charged with TAP.

7. For buildings outside the plan, their actual area must be declared.

8. Those owners who own ancillary spaces in apartment buildings, such as underground garages or warehouses that are powered by communal clocks, have the opportunity to declare these spaces on the electronic platform as electrified.

9. Pilots are declared as open parking lots, ie surface of the property if they are private, while they are not declared if they are public spaces.

10. The bill of undeclared square meters can be repaid in 24 equal monthly installments with a minimum monthly installment limit of the last installment of 10 euros for natural persons and 50 euros for legal entities.


Source From: Capital

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