Gasoline price in the state of SP has an average reduction of R$ 0.30 per liter, says Procon

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Procon-SP reported, this Thursday (30), that it found a reduction of, on average, R$ 0.30 in the prices of regular gasoline practiced by monitored stations in the state of São Paulo.

The agency reported that, in monitoring carried out at gas stations in the capital and interior of the state of São Paulo, it was confirmed that there was a reduction in the price of common gasoline in all the places compared so far, a total of 477 stations. The average value of the reduction was R$ 0.30 per liter.

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Last week – before the reduction of the ICMS on gasoline in the state of São Paulo from 25% to 18%, which was announced on Monday (27) – the prices of 1,202 stations were checked. In this first partial result, prepared between the 28th and 29th, the prices of 477 locations were compared.

According to Procon-SP, the highest price found, worth R$ 7.99, was in the capital (Jardins neighborhood) and the lowest, worth R$ 5.89, also in the capital (Vila Guilherme neighborhood) . The largest reduction was observed in Presidente Prudente (R$ 0.92) and the smallest in Glicério (R$ 0.01). The average value calculated was R$ 6.67.

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The monitoring of regular gasoline prices continues and the comparison with the rest of the stations will be released in the coming days.

Source: CNN Brasil

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