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Gazprom gas flows through Ukraine increased but not enough to cover Nord Stream 1

Gazprom gas flows through Ukraine increased but not enough to cover Nord Stream 1

Russia’s Gazprom said it would send 42.7 million cubic meters (mcm) of natural gas to Europe via Ukraine on Saturday, hours after it announced that flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany would not resume as planned.

Flows through the Sudzha entry point were up slightly from the 41.3 million cubic meters Gazprom sent on Friday, but not enough to make up for the shortfall in gas expected to be pumped through Nord Stream 1 today.

Gazprom announced late Friday that it had detected an oil leak in equipment during maintenance work on Nord Stream 1 and would not be able to restore flows. He did not set a timetable for fixing the problem.

Siemens Energy, which normally maintains Nord Stream 1’s turbines, said such a leak should not disrupt the pipeline’s operation. He also said that the Portovaya compressor station, where the leak was discovered, has other turbines to keep Nord Stream 1 running.

“Such leaks do not normally affect the operation of a turbine and can be sealed on site. This is a routine maintenance procedure,” the company said.

Moscow has accused Western sanctions imposed after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for hampering normal operations and maintenance of Nord Stream 1. Brussels says it is a pretext and that Russia is using natural gas as an economic weapon to reciprocate.

“This is part of Russia’s psychological war against us,” tweeted Michael Roth, chairman of the German parliament’s foreign affairs committee.

Source: Capital